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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Distressed Keeps Calling Back to Me

We all find something in old distressed structures that appeal to us. But for me, it has as much to do with the surroundings as it does the structure itself.
I’ve done my share of distressed building photos and my interest comes and goes.  Why they appeal then fall out of favor with me has become clear after a personal soul searching analysis.  There are times when I am in need of grounding.  That is to say, I need to feel I have a place.  I am an Army Brat and have never felt an attachment to a place such that I couldn’t leave if necessary.  As I get older, however, that need has come in small moments.  I have less life left than I have expended.  That and the other aging factors has made reflection on  having roots a more reoccurring issue.  I’m not there 100% yet but when I look for the old barns and distressed Structures, I am feeling the need to live where my grave will be dug. 
Photography is such a good tool in so many ways.


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