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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Power of a Picture to Evoke Memories

This photo is one I found (that is to say I didn’t take it) and can't remember where I found it.  It has always been a favorite of mine.  Most of you will say, "Well Duh, Chet it a girly pic.  Of course YOU would like it."  Really, people, do you think that's all I have on my mind!?    Well, OK.  I've given you plenty of reason to jump to that conclusion. . . but!  

I am drawn to this photo because it brings back memories.  Even thought I don't know these ladies nor this place, there are many aspects of it that spark old memories for me.  There was a time in my life when time was plentiful and money scarce.  Relying on our wits and youthful lack of fear for adventure would lead I and my friends to do things without much material support and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

In this pictures I can recall many lazy days spent on a river bank or in a meadow with friends soaking up the sun on blankets, playing silly flirtatious games, digging into the picnic basket, talking or just snoozing comfortable with the company we kept.  Yes so comfortable the girls would undo the straps of their tops and even ask a guy to rub lotion on their back without fear of being molested.  They were pretty and we were strong (and goofy).  I can feel the warm sun on my back in this shot and I can hear the rustling of the grasses and leaves in the trees as a cool breeze flows over me.  Just great times.

All that comes to mind when I see this picture.  Amazing isn’t it.

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